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Adjustable Beds Store by Adjust-a-Matic Mattress
Adjustable beds in los angeles, CA by Adjust-a-Matic Mattress Store

Adjustable Beds Store in Los Angeles, CA by Adjust-a-MaticAdjust-a-Matic are the original manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed since 1964.  48 years later, we can ship or deliver any size, mattress and firmness the very next day.  The WH2 is the World's Best-Built Electric Adjustable Bed.  The High PrAdjust-a-Matic Mattress Store in Tarzana, CAofile is the World's Best-Built Adjustable Bed Mattress.  Select an Adjustable Bed Size and Mattress for your personal use, and take a health break.
Adjust-a-Matic has been manufacturing Electrical Adjustable Beds and Electrical Adjustable Bed Mattresses Since 1964.  We feel The Adjust-a-Matic Adjustable Bed Motorized Frame is the Best, especially the Warranty on the Motors, Frame, Electronics, Casters and Hand Control, but we are Authorized Dealers of the other 4 manufacturers too.  IRREGARDLESS, people buy our GREAT! selection of adjustable bed mattresses:  Innerspring, Air, Latex and Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam Mattresses:  No one knows how to make a Better Electrical Adjustable Bed Mattress better than us.

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